Dating games pool party

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Give the guys clues as they drive or walk around to their next clue.

You can even add in drinking, which would occur after each clue is found.

We bring it to a whole new level with a boobie ball that is soft and squishy, taking the bachelor party game to a whole new level!

Whether you are at a home party, bar, pool or out on the town, this bachelor bean ball is a great way to have some fun with the guys!

Have all the bachelor's and groomsmen sign the ball for a momento of the weekend.

It's time to go under-cover Mission Impossible style with Boobie Squirt Guns.Place this ball and one other like it in your shirt, and you have taken the night to a whole new level! Take the old game of football Frisbee and add a Frisbee in the shape of a boobie and you have football titsbee!This small little titsbee is light and easy to carry for any bachelor party outing.The finer plastic writing pen (we suggest gold color) will give you the chance to write some funny comments as well.Every play a good ole bachelor party fun game of dodgeball?

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If you are planning a bachelor party, one of the most memorable parts of the evening will be the bachelor party games you play.

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