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Dating n the south pacific

Police action and mass arrests eventually put an end to the strike.

of May 15 emphasized the absence of anti-white sentiments during the disturbances.

Black staff members did not take part in the strike, but a considerable number of high income, skilled tradesmen were directly involved.

When a meeting to form a Staff Association was called soon after the strike only about ten of the two hundred or so people who attended were blacks.

A more balanced view of the complex roles of race, ethnicity, and class in contemporary "class" formation is provided so as to enable their functions in the newly-developing urban societies of the South Pacific to be seen with more coherence than is perhaps the case up to date.

L'importance de l'analyse de classe pour expliquer le comportement contemporain dans le Pacifique du Sud est indiqué par l'évolution de la situation au début de l'indépendance, c'est-à-dire, les pressions in-flationistes, les taux croissants d'urbanisation, et la localisation des postes tenus auparavant par les expatriés.

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Secondly, the advancement of a section of urban labour into skilled and managerial positions as a result of rapid political change and localization has widened the income gap among South Pacific peoples thus increasing the significance of class relations.

Un aperçu plus équilibré des rôles complexes des races, ethnies, et classes dans la formation de "classe" contemporaine est fourni pour permettre que leur fonction dans les sociétés urbaines du Pacifique du Sud en cours de développement puisse être en vue avec plus de cohérence qu'auparavant.

More than two decades ago Professor Douglas Oliver (1961: 426) was led to ask: "Just how susceptible would the islanders be to the doctrines of Marx? There was then not much evidence of the acceptance of Marxist ideas, let alone the development of class consciousness, strength, and militancy to act as a driving force of change.

On Monday, May 12th, 1975 an inter-ethnic brawl between a trade union official and a company security guard at the Bougainville copper mine soon spread to involve the majority of black mine workers at the site.

Close to a thousand men under the leadership of their union began marching on the company's pay office demanding not only that the company re-engage the sacked union official but also wage increases and better working conditions.

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Such an approach precluded an analysis of the underlying class structure that was emerging, and the position of race and ethnicity in that structure.

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