Domestic assult intimidating witness massachusetts

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In a country where sexual violence has become an epidemic, a look inside Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison in Cape Town, and a warden's voluntary efforts to help convicted rapists end the cycle of abuse.

read more In 2000 the World Bank approved millions in financing for a massive oil drilling and pipeline project between Chad and Cameroon, two countries plagued by poverty and corruption.

Ten years on, what has become of the "model" oil for development project?

read more When reporter Lucie Schwartz began researching eating disorders among French women, she had never heard of "pro-Ana" blogs.

We were catching a flight to Bali, where we would try to book passage to the Indonesian province of West Papua, on the western half of the island of New more As the June, 2009 digital television conversion makes tens of millions of analog TV's obsolete, and Americans continue to trash old computers and cell phones at alarming rates, FRONTLINE/World presents a global investigation into the dirty secret of the digital age -- the dumping of hundreds of millions of pounds of toxic electronic waste across the developing world.The report also uncovers another dangerous bi-product of a disposable culture - data fraud, as thousands of old hard drives are finding their way into criminal more In the new economy created by global warming, forests are becoming a valuable commodity.Promising not to cut them down is one of the most popular ways companies would like to offset emissions.

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A year on, our correspondent in the region, who has made a number of clandestine reporting trips into Burma, takes the measure of recovery in the devastated area and finds tent cities and surprising pockets of renewal.

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