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The 56-year-old spent 32 years as a police officer, starting his career in Derbyshire before becoming assistant chief constable of Staffordshire Police and deputy chief constable of North Yorkshire Police.

He retired from the force in July 2009, and soon took a new job with Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary, where he monitored police forces for whether or not they were providing value for money.

He became known for controversial policies such as banning officers from wearing sunglasses when they talked to the public, and was criticised in a report because he insisted on sending an officer to the scene of every single reported crime.

Roger Baker gained a reputation as an outspoken advocate of beat policing during his time as chief constable of Essex Police - but officials accused him of wasting taxpayers' money on needless intervention.

At the time, detectives were unaware Taylor was the man responsible for the arson attacks.

The court heard Taylor ordered the attacks because he blamed the officers for "ruining Christmas" after they carried out a drug raid at his home in 2005 when presents under the Christmas tree were searched.

During one taped call, Sloan was overheard admitting what they were doing was "borderline criminal".

Sloan, who denied the charges, claimed he was playing a "role" as an informant handler and admitted his methods were "unorthodox".

The contract set out the procedure for disposing of recovered vehicles.

Whilst it remains clear that there is no general doctrine of good faith in English contract law, this case is a further instance of the implication of ethical standards into a commercial contract, following the decision of suggested that duties of good faith were more likely to be implied into so-called "relational" contracts – contracts which involve a longer-term relationship between the parties and which may require a high degree of communication, co-operation and predictable performance based on mutual trust and confidence.

The examples given were joint venture agreements, franchise agreements and long term distributorship agreements.

In the subsequent decision of [2014] EWHC 2145 (see post), it was found that a contract relating to the development of computer-based training materials (described by counsel for the defendant as a "hybrid" between two of these categories) was a "relational" contract containing an implied duty of good faith.

The contract in the present case did not fall within any of the categories, but the court described it as a "relational contract par excellence" through the application of the general principles summarised in .

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He later paid two men to throw concrete slabs and petrol bombs into the officers' homes while they and their families slept.

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