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Exhibitionist hook up

My wife's blowjob expertise, coupled with the vision of Lauren's tits, still vivid in my mind, drives me to a quick release. " I whisper, loudly, shooting several loads of cum into my wife's welcoming mouth. "I'm not quite the exhibitionist you are, and I really want to taste you right now." As I stand up, I swear I hear the click of a door closing. The next day, I'm in Lauren's room connecting her computer to my wireless network.Cindy sucks and swallows until my ass settles back down on the couch and my balls are empty. Maybe Lauren should parade around like that all the time." She teases. As promised, she left her passwords on her desk before she went to school.They are like pools of liquid that you could get lost in if you're not careful.I imagine a lot of the guys in her classes would love to get lost in her eyes or any other part of her killer body.I scoot my ass closer to the edge of the couch to give her better access. Kneeling in front of me, she pulls my shorts the rest of the way off and spreads my knees apart.Cupping my balls in her left hand, she continues pumping me in and out of her mouth with her right hand. My wife, Cindy, and I were sitting on the couch watching TV, when Lauren walked in wearing only a spaghetti-strap, v-neck pajama top and bikini panties. Lauren's mother is my wife's older sister and we get along great with her and her family. Lauren moved in this evening, unpacked her stuff and a few minutes ago, came in to say goodnight.

" Lauren asked as she walked down the hallway to her bedroom. They were tits and you're a guy." She says, placing her hand in my lap to judge the extent of my awareness. The tits in question belong to our niece, Lauren, who is staying with us to finish her last semester of college.Lauren, who just turned 21, has long blonde hair and the most beautiful, clear, blue eyes I have ever seen.Leaning back and licking her lips, she smiles at me. "Or maybe you just like the idea that she might catch us." "Maybe you just give great head! Cindy's at her job at the daycare and I have another couple of hours before I need to start working.I work at home, providing tech support for a large software company.

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Rather than transfer during her final semester, and pay out of state tuition, Lauren asked if she could stay with us until the end of the semester.

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