Sex chat bot personality forge male

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Sex chat bot personality forge male

The only difference, really, is whether one starts with the Platinum Chip. In either case, the next stop is Fortification Hill, Caesar's Mojave stronghold -- Benny will have gone here if he flew the coop, and House will send the player here even if he died. [There's also a 9mm Pistol and Submachine Gun on the observation table, but one must take them before the demonstration ends; this place can't be revisited.] After returning upstairs (automatically), the quest will complete once House finishes talking, with the 600 XP reward for prompt completion. This is fine and dandy if one's planning on helping House, but should one cross him later, those mechs can deliver a whole lotta hurt... This can be considered a "default" path, since House is rooted in many of the Courier's dealings as of late.

House [Lucky 38 Casino on Vegas Strip] Prereq -: n/a Precedes: The House Always Wins II Optional: no Missable: Yes [House questline broken] Reward -: 500 or 600 XP, 1000 or 1250 caps After making it onto the Vegas strip, speak with Victor nearby to learn Mr. Choosing to open the antechamber (1) fails the current quest and all House quests by extension, although only THAW1 gets a notification (2) turns present securitrons hostile; Strip securitrons remain normal (3) prevents further communication with Mr. Through the false wall, hack another Hard computer to open the control room's elevator. House at his main terminal (all communications with him will operate this way). Near his main comm terminal, hack the Hard computer to open a false wall. One can still use the presidential suite and all its upgrade functions. House has a job for the player -- more specifically, a continuation of the Courier's initial hire: recover the Platinum Chip that Benny, his associate, willfully stole. " quest -- although it's more of a death knell alarm than a proper mission.

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Above the lootable cash room, one can find the Golden Gloves (unique boxing gloves) by a framed issue of Boxing Times.

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